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1 day ago

“Why did PacifiCorp’s license to operate the dams expire?”

The federal government granted a 50-year license that allowed PacifiCorp to operate four Klamath River dams. That license term ... See more

3 days ago

The Shasta River is one of several important tributaries to the Klamath River, and provides vital habitat for coho and chinook salmon. In recent years The Nature Conservancy and its partners restored ... See more

1 week ago

“Water quality in Upper Klamath Lake is already bad, and it feeds into the Klamath River. So how can dam removal improve water quality?”

That’s a great question, and we hear it quite often. ... See more

1 week ago

We are sometimes asked if there is any historical evidence of salmon in Link River and upstream. There certainly is! Check out this 1909 headline in the Klamath Republican: Great Sport on the River, ... See more

2 weeks ago

The U.S. Census Bureau notes that the unincorporated community of Klamath, at the extreme northern end of California, was home to a population 779 when the 2010 census was taken. There are even fewer ... See more

2 weeks ago

The J. C. Boyle Dam is located about five miles west of Keno in southern Oregon, and about 12 miles north of the California border. It was built in 1958 and does include fish ladders. Regrettably, ... See more

2 weeks ago

Mark Bransom, CEO for KRRC, examines the Copco Powerhouse in Siskiyou County. The massive structure was built in the 1920s and is situated near the two Copco dams slated for removal as part of the ... See more

3 weeks ago

Where will the earth and concrete be disposed of when the Lower Klamath Project Dams are removed? You can find the answer to this question, and many others, on our FAQ page: ... See more

3 weeks ago

Klamath Salmon and Steelhead can cover thousands of miles during their years in the ocean, but they manage to find this spot to begin the trek home. Many of their historic river and tributary ... See more

4 weeks ago

“Why not just install fish ladders so the dams can keep producing hydropower?”

We get that question a lot. There are several reasons fish ladders are not a good solution in the Klamath River. ... See more

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