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1 month ago

The Yurok people have used Redwood canoes for thousands of years to fish, hunt and travel from village to village. Canoes were used in both the Klamath River and – brace yourself for a bravery ... See more

2 months ago
The Mysterious Denizens of the Deep – Green Sturgeon · Reconnect Klamath

Imagine coming across a fish longer than you are tall. Weighing more than 300 pounds. In the Klamath River. Read more on the Reconnect Klamath blog.

Your first encounter with a full-grown green sturgeon can be a little scary. These behemoths can grow to over 7 feet long, weighing as much as 350 pounds. Their whiskered face and armored back plates ... See more

2 months ago
KRRC Winter 2021 Newsletter

Want to learn more about what's happening with the lower Klamath Dam removal project? See KRRC's latest newsletter for regulatory updates, project information, and other exciting news!

The newest edition of the KRRC newsletter is out now! Click for the latest project updates.

2 months ago

The Family Water Alliance newsletter recently featured an article that underscores how Klamath dam removal is a win for both agriculture and the environment in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

2 months ago

Did you know that the Karuk Tribe is one of the largest tribes in California? Karuk people have lived for thousands of years in what is now the northwestern corner of California, in Humboldt and ... See more

2 months ago
Klamath History: Salmon Always Find a Way · Reconnect Klamath

Damming the Klamath was adamantly opposed by area residents in years gone by. Read more about the history of the Klamath on Reconnect Klamath’s blog!

While some may think removing dams on the Klamath River is a relatively new idea, history tells a different tale. Back in 1889, the timber town of Klamathon was erected near present-day Hornbrook, ... See more

2 months ago
Peter Gensaw, Yurok Tribe

“I’m a fisherman, not a farmer.” – Peter Gensaw, Yurok Tribe

2 months ago
RES and KRRC Confirm Restoration Design for Klamath Dam Removal

KRRC is pleased to have Resource Environmental Solutions as our partner for restoration. Click the link below for more details!

RES and the Klamath River Renewal Corporation (KRRC) today announced that they have signed a contract for RES to provide restoration services in conne

2 months ago

Reimagining a North Coast with Abundant Salmon

“I remember the days when the Eureka and Crescent City Harbors were crowded with local commercial fishing boats, salmon runs were healthy and so was ... See more

2 months ago

KRRC will make numerous permanent and temporary construction access improvements to allow for sufficient mobilization and construction-related traffic. These improvements will include local road ... See more

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