About the KRRC

The Klamath River Renewal Corporation, or KRRC, is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization formed by signatories of the amended Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement, or KHSA. The KHSA was amended in April 2016 and calls on the KRRC to assume ownership of the Klamath River’s four lower hydroelectric dams in order to decommission them. Signatories of the KHSA include federal, state, and local governments, Tribal nations, dam owner PacifiCorp, and nine conservation and fishing groups.

Today, the river and its communities are stressed in many ways. The great runs of sea-going fish that nourished tribes and sustained fishermen are struggling. Water supplies to farms are uncertain. Lives and communities have been disrupted and impoverished.

Diverse parties in the Basin have come together to collaborate on solutions to restore the river, including the creation of the KRRC. Dam decommissioning is just one solution to the Klamath region’s resource conflicts; the KRRC supports additional efforts to develop agreements to restore the environment, revitalize the region, and increase certainty for all basin communities.