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  • KRRC is hosting informational meetings on the Klamath River Renewal Project, which involves the removal of four hydroelectric dams — JC Boyle, Copco 1& 2, and Iron Gate — and the restoration of formerly inundated land. Meetings will be held on 1) March 19 6-8 pm: Yreka (Best Western Miner’s Inn, 122 E Miner Street) and 2) March 20 6-8 pm: Klamath Falls (Oregon Institute of Technology College Union Building, Room 201 Mazama, 3201 Campus Drive)
    • An introductory presentation will be followed by a question and answer session.
    • Attendees will have the opportunity to:
      • Meet KRRC’s new community liaison, Dave Meurer, and representatives of KRRC.
      • Ask questions and share perspectives.
      • Learn about KRRC plans and activities, including recent updates
    • For more information, contact 
    • Please note: KRRC is an independent non-profit corporation. Meetings are for informational purposes only. The information and opinions presented are to assist attendees in understanding KRRC’s proposed activities (which may change over time). KRRC is not a government agency and does not speak for, or have the ability to bind, any government agency. Meeting comments will not be incorporated into the official public records of the government agencies responsible for reviewing KRRC’s permit or license applications.
  • Stay tuned for additional meetings in the mid-basin and coast in April/May!

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