Recreation Facilities Plan


KRRC’s primary responsibilities under the terms of the 2016 Amended Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement (KHSA) are to create free-flowing river conditions and volitional fish passage. KRRC will address recreation facilities in compliance with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) conditions in the license surrender order.

KRRC is working with several entities (state and federal agencies, Tribal Nations, whitewater and fishing outfitters and associations, economic development organizations, local residents, and other interested parties) on its recreation plan. Through public outreach, KRRC has gathered perspectives on what types of recreation facilities KRRC should consider and where they should be located. Initial public feedback was incorporated into the draft Recreation Plan.

The Recreation Facilities Plan will identify the need to modify existing facilities within the project boundary in order to connect them to the new river route; while new sites may not be required as part of our project, our due diligence will also identify sites that could replace existing sites (e.g., reservoir recreation areas) slated for removal following dam decommissioning and could be pursued by successor landowners. A set of potential recreation projects has been considered, and KRRC is now seeking additional public feedback on these recommendations. Ultimately, our recreation plan will be driven by FERC’s conditions.

KRRC anticipates submitting the final Recreation Facilities Plan to FERC in 2020.

We Welcome Your Feedback

Potential Sites Under Consideration

KRRC plans to create a list of potential recreational facilities that could replace existing facilities slated for removal.


Representatives of KRRC met with leaders of American Whitewater and the Upper Klamath Outfitters Association to discuss rafting opportunities once the lower Klamath dams are removed.

Representatives of KRRC visited multiple current and potential access sites along the Klamath River.

Recreation Plan Q&A

Will KRRC build recreation facilities?

KRRC will address recreation facilities in compliance with FERC’s license surrender order. KRRC’s Recreation Facilities Plan will provide valuable guidance to any successor entities that may develop recreational facilities following dam removal.

Will the public be able to review the Recreation Facilities Plan before it is submitted to FERC?

Interested parties may review draft materials here and we encourage them to provide feedback.

Who will own the land associated with the dams and under the reservoirs?

PacifiCorp (aka Pacific Power) currently owns the lands associated with the lower Klamath Project (known as “Parcel B” lands), which include the lands currently inundated by reservoirs.

Under the terms of the 2016 Amended KHSA, KRRC will take ownership of the hydroelectric facilities and associated land, carry out dam removal and restoration of the formerly inundated lands (as approved by FERC and other regulatory agencies), and transfer Parcel B lands to the states of California and Oregon or other entities approved by the states.

Under the KHSA, “It is also the intent of the Parties that transferred lands shall thereafter be managed for public interest purposes such as fish and wildlife habitat restoration and enhancement, public education, and public recreational access.” (7.6.4)

Existing recreation facilities on PacifiCorp’s Parcel A lands are not within KRRC’s jurisdiction. Questions regarding the future of those facilities should be directed to PacifiCorp.

Who will operate facilities?

Future ownership and operation of facilities is under discussion with various parties who have expressed interest. Under the terms of the 2016 Amended KHSA, KRRC will transfer Parcel B lands to the states of California and Oregon or other entities approved by the states. California and Oregon are having stakeholder discussions on potential transfer of these lands after dam removal.

How much will operations and maintenance cost for new recreation facilities? Will KRRC provide funding?

KRRC cannot yet comment on operations and maintenance (O&M) costs for recreation sites. KRRC will address facilities within the project boundary and in compliance with the license surrender order and work with the long-term successor owner to ensure operations and maintenance during the license term.