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1 day ago

“The removal of these four hydroelectric dams is the largest dam removal and salmon restoration effort in US history. Although the removal of the dams themselves may not be sufficient to ... See more

4 days ago
Here's how to help people affected by the Two Four Two Fire

Our friends in some communities along the Klamath River and in the Basin have suffered from unimaginable wildfire devastation. If you are interested in supporting relief efforts for those impacted by ... See more

With hundreds of people evacuating the Chiloquin area because of the Two Four Two Fire, local organizations are seeking donations to help those who have had to flee their homes.

1 week ago
KRRC Summer 2020 Newsletter

Want to learn more about what’s happening with the lower Klamath Dam removal project? See KRRC’s latest newsletter for regulatory updates, project information, and other exciting news!

The newest edition of the KRRC newsletter is out now! Click for the latest project updates.

2 weeks ago

Factual Friday: As salmon grow in the ocean environment, they accumulate marine nutrients, storing them in their bodies. They then transport those nutrients back to their stream of origin when it is ... See more

2 weeks ago

A key goal of the Klamath dam removal project is reopening at least 420 miles of historic habitat for salmon and steelhead. We have heard from many fishermen who cannot wait for all the new angling ... See more

3 weeks ago

KRRC is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors composed of 15 members: five appointed by the Governor of CA, four appointed by the Governor of OR, 1 appointed from the Karuk ... See more

3 weeks ago

Factual Friday: What are Klamath salmon worth? Individual fishermen find salmon exciting to catch, but did you know that Klamath salmon support commercial fisheries worth $150 million per year and a ... See more

4 weeks ago

KRRC is allocating significant resources on a restoration effort once the four reservoirs on the Klamath are drawn down to river level. Early on, we needed to know how well the sediment would grow ... See more

4 weeks ago

12,000 square miles. That is the scope of the Klamath River Basin, which means that a whopping amount of water and snow falling in that vast area is eventually moving toward the Klamath River. But it ... See more

1 month ago

Factual Friday: Some believe that salmon never reached areas above the dams. But if that were true, how did the great explorer John C. Fremont see them in Klamath 1846? Dam removal will ... See more

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